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Unlock Your Athletic Potential

We give you the tools and training to perform better than you ever have

Our Process


When a new athlete comes in to train with us, the first thing we do is assess where they're at currently.  Weaknesses, strengths, previous injuries, we need to know where they're at before we can take them where they want to go. 


Our training is focused on strength, endurance, and agility exercises that are tailored to each individual athlete's needs. Each training block is broken down into 3 phases: the building phase, power phase and speed phase. We also provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance to ensure athletes are on the right track to success. 


At the end of every training block, it is important to evaluate the results of the training. We measure and track data for each athlete over time to chart their growth and identify areas of improvement. This helps us to understand the effects of our training in a real, measurable way. With this data, we are able to see what's working and what needs to change. 

Our Programs


Speed, Agility, Conditioning (SAC)


Our SAC class is designed for the young athlete. Typically, kids are 8-11 years old in this program.

We will focus on:

  • Foot work

  • Motor skills

  • Abdominal strength

  • Conditioning

Jr. Collegiate


Our Jr. Collegiate program is TNT’s introduction to full body workouts and the young athlete’s stepping stone into weight training. Athletes are typically 8-13 years old in this program. With this program, the athlete gets a TNT profile, speed training, conditioning, and strength training. Athletes are also given nutritional guidance as well as a post workout smoothie after every workout.

Athletes in our Jr. Collegiate program have weekly training regimens and train anywhere from once to six times a week. Each session is a little over an hour long. This program is meant to prepare the athlete for our Collegiate program.




Our collegiate program is meant for the elite athlete. Athletes are at least 14 years of age in this program. Very similar to the Jr. Collegiate, this program contains everything from speed training to weight training.

The big difference between Jr. and Collegiate is the use of weight training! Athlete still receives:

  • TNT Profile

  • Speed/agility training

  • Strength training

  • Sport specific drills

  • Nutritional guidance and post workout smoothies

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