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We're here to help you reach your goals

It doesn't matter where you're starting from, or where you want to go, TNT will get you there. 



Our FitCamp class is the perfect blend of personal training and group training. Our 'FitCampers' are given challenging workouts to find their inner athlete. Need modifications? We got you! We'll hold your hand while we find your limitations (and then break through them...)

It's group training with a personal feel to it.

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Personal Training / Partner Personal Training

If you're one of those people that want a trainer to yourself and you think you need the extra attention, personal training is what you're looking for! These workouts are 100% tailored for you and your fitness needs. Though it is definitely your priciest option per session, the workouts you get out of it will yield the most results!

Want to do it with a friend? Ask about booking a personal trainer for two! Cheaper training with the same one on one feel.

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The AM Army

Lift with our Strength Staff! When signing up for the AM Army, you are committing to 6 AM workouts 3-5x a week. This training is a combination of powerlifting, sports performance training, and body building. 

If you really want to find your limits, this is the class for you.

This is not recommended for beginners.

Ready to see what you're made of?

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