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What They’re Saying

"Nicole just had her first outdoor soccer game this past Sunday, since she started your speed and agility class back in December. I was amazed at a few things. First, she didn't get tired out there so easily! It was a beautiful warm day! She was able to keep up with the speed of the game, without getting so tired right away! The second thing was she was quick to the ball. Nicole has been playing club soccer for a while, and she wanted to work on her speed and endurance on the field, and being first to the ball. She walked off the field and said to me, "That speed and agility class paid off!" It was great to see! Thank you so much for pushing her everyday in class. I always say, hard work pays off! Thank you!!!

Clar and Nicole Lavarone, current TNT Athletics members

"Steve and his crew at TNT worked with our U15 baseball team for a few sessions over the winter. The boys were put to the test!! Not just physically, but mentally as well. Steve's TNT program is not just about working until exhaustion. He encourages the players and prepares them for the challenges they face on and off the field. He holds the athletes accountable and instills a solid work ethic be in place to make them successful!! I have worked with Steve on a personal level as well and have seen gains I could never imagine in the weight room. Our team will be back for more over the winter and I am looking forward to seeing our players become better athletes."

Greg Case, Head Baseball Coach, Stix Baseball Manager, and current TNT Athletics member

"My son Jake has been going to TNT Athletics for almost 2 years for speed and agility. He has gotten faster taking ½ second off his 40 yd. time for football. His footwork had coaches all saying how much he had improved and how much stronger he had gotten. For lacrosse his other sport he had the endurance to run all over the field and recovered faster than other players. Steve has a great relationship to my son and is a great role model and motivator to him. They enjoy the workouts and want to go workout. Which allowed me to go get in shape too. My son will be moving on to the collegiate plan to start getting ready for high school now. Thanks Steve, Jake looks forward to the next step this year."

Tom and Jake Wilk, current TNT Athletics members

"Only 2 months ago I started training with Steve at TNT Athletics, and I can already see a major difference. Not only in the way I look, but how I feel and think. Steve’s attentiveness and encouragement have been major factors in my success. He’s always there if you need him whether it’s to show you how to do something the right way or if you just need a “Come on, you got this.” If you want to get in shape, Steve’s the way to go at TNT Athletics."

Briane Amodeo, owner of BriAmo Photography and current TNT Athletics member

"I have been attending the TNT for Parents program since the end of February. I went to the Parent classes a bit reluctant but it worked me out and I actually liked it. I did the class workout and did individual workouts provided throughout the week as “homework”. I have now lost 40 lbs. and hit the weight goal that I set.

I will now be working on maintaining the workouts during the week still following the weekly workouts Steve provides. The parents in the program are supportive and will aid in workouts or questions as well as other patrons. Steve seems to live at the Forge Fitness and is usually there or a call or text away for questions if needed. Steve is supportive if needed, pushes you if you need that.

Individual workouts are great but expect to be a little sore but definitely worth the hour. Thanks so much for the guidance, support, and push that we all need at some point.

Thinking about it, just try it and see why it works. Why Wait. Start today you will be at your goal sooner."

Tom, current TNT Athletics member

"7 weeks of training on TNT Athletics' personally specified lifting program at Forge Fitness and I've seen results beyond what I ever accomplished in prior years.

  • 10 Lbs of Muscle

  • Bench Press up over 15%

  • Shoulder Press up 20%

  • Incline presses up 40%

And more and all within a month and a half."

Adam Nisenson, current TNT Athletics member

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